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100% remote, with talented people from around the globe.

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Global team of dedicated humans.

We are a bunch of diverse people from planet earth and we love what we do. We are not just working, we enjoy it and we are fully committed to our clients success.

skilled and efficient team of web designers

Qualified & experienced team.

Over 12 years of experience working on a variety of different projects. We got what it takes to create beautiful websites & e-commerce stores. We can promote them, rank them in search engines and give valuable advice.

customer support and communication

Superb communication & support

We will always have your back and we will be there when you need us. You won’t be left wondering about the progress of your project. We report to you through our interactive collaboration platform and regular video meetings.

personal growth and improvement

Personal growth & constant improvement.

Constant learning and educating ourselves is the key to personal growth. So, we constantly enhance our skills so that we can offer more value to you. Also, we follow all the new technologies in order to apply them to our business.

reaching your goals

Your goals are our goals.

Our ultimate satisfaction is when our clients reach their targets through our work. We never forget that your success leads to our success, too.

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Meet the founder

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George Kintis

George has been hanging around in the online world since 2000. He is passionate with web design, online business and anything entrepreneurial. His top skill is problem solving and he can provide effective solutions for even the most complex problems.

Why the name "Cat Leap"?

Just like a cat jumps from point A to point B with impeccable technique, all muscles collaborating perfectly and with precision. The same thing we will do for your business. Using the best strategy, ideas, tools and technology we will lead you to your target with laser precision.
* By the way, we love dogs, too 🙂

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  • You don’t get enough traffic?
  • Your e-commerce store does not convert?
  • Not generating enough leads?
  • You want a new website but you don’t know where to start?
  • You want to hop on the social media train?
  • Need to connect more with your customers?
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