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A few key principles that you should know about our web design work.

Don’t worry, we will not bombard you with gibberish computing terms!

SEO Optimized

From the beginning, we make sure that your website is built to be search engine optimized. We use all the best practices for on-site SEO so that you can rank higher on Google results.

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Content Management Systems

Over 30% of the internet is powered by WordPress. We use it too, because it is awesome and makes content updates easier for you. Of course, if something else is a better fit for your project, we got alternatives.

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User Experience

We build memorable, easy to use web experiences for your users. We craft everything with no excess fluff. The goal is to create a pleasurable environment for your visitors to find what they want and ultimately to convert to customers.

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Responsive Design

This is an important ranking factor for your website (along with page speed) and we take it seriously. Furthermore, over 50% of web traffic originates from mobile devices. You don’t want to miss out on that. We make sure that your site runs smoothly on any device.

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Quality Assurance

Before your new website is launched, we make sure it checks out on all points on our long quality review checklist. It will be pixel perfect, the code up to the highest standards and everything will work as it should.

Want to improve your current website?

Every serious business/brand needs a serious, modern website.

See how we can help you revive your online presence.

  • Your current website is not converting new customers.
  • You are not getting enough traffic.
  • It is outdated, broken, not resonating with your brand.
  • It is not responsive, does not display well in mobile devices.
  • Inadequate ways to collect leads.
  • You cannot manage your content (too complicated/no CMS).
  • Not optimized for Search Engines.

Our website design philosophy for success

After 12+ years in the web design business, we know what are the priorities in order to achieve optimal results. The 3 main pillars are the following:

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Attention to detail

Every little detail matters in all stages of the website design process. From gathering information about your business, to every little pixel during the development process.

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focus on users

Yes, a fancy design with animations and elaborate graphics is nice. But what would you prefer? Something fancy or a clean, great looking website that your visitors will remember and converts?

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Partnership approach

We do what we do because we want to help businesses grow. Your success is our success. We provide the best advice possible and we guide you through every step of the way.

… and when we finish with the process, we stick around and help you maintain and optimize. Your online presence is an ongoing process.

WordPress featured websites

A sample of high quality, result producing WordPress websites we made for our clients.

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